Message from the Chairman

ChairmanSai Yi Mon
Chairman of the Board of Directors

It may be defined, for the Great Hor Kham Public Company, that 2015 is a year of great significance as we all have passed through the difficulties and is overwhelmed with our strong and active emotions. In this case, for the acknowledgement of the shareholders, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, I would like to express the Company's achievements, current undertakings and further undertakings to be carried out in the near future.

It is quite encouraging, for the Great Hor Kham and its shareholders, to be one of the six companies to be listed in Yangon Stock Exchange. This is, more or less, due to the personal integrity and great effort of the Managing Director, including all the staff of the Company, the transparency in carrying out their work, and loyalty to the company and the state.

On the contrary, there are still further undertakings to be made for the Company to be actually listed on the Stock Exchange for trading in capital market, as well as for the Company’s sustainable growth and development.

The Company’s organization has been restructured by the authorized decision of Directors’ meeting previously held on the 12th of August. The purposes of this restructuring are, as already mentioned above, for the Company to achieve sustainable development, to make the Company’s administrative system more effective, to obtain quality management model, and to enable employees carrying out their assigned work with discipline, unity, joy and peace. Along with this restructuring, committees such as Advisory Committee for law, economy and technology, Audit Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Corporate Governance and Risks Management Committee, and Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility have also been formed.

As long as the policies, rules and regulations of the Company are concerned, the Company is planning to promulgate policies, rules and regulations that have not yet been promulgated. The promulgated policies, rules and regulations will also be revised time to time for the more effectiveness. So far, the policies that have been promulgated are 1) Anti-Corruption Policy, 2) Corporate Social and Environmental Policy, and 3) Directors’ Nomination and Remuneration Policy.

On behalf of the Directors, I myself would like to express special thanks to all shareholders who have always willingly provided their support with deep trust in the Company. Hereby I would like to pledge that the Company will carry out its utmost effort to create such a company that is capable of making sustainable growth and development, generating stable profits for the shareholders, abiding by economic ethics, complying its policies, rule and regulations, developing well-trained employees with high ethical standard, taking responsibility for the social and the environmental. The Company will carry out its utmost effort to make it a better future of the Company, the society and country.